The importance of co-curricular activities in school education and its necessity for holistic development of student’s personality is well established. Co-curricular activities such as Music, Gardening, Drawing, Painting Handicraft, Dramatics, Elocution and Debate are arranged under the super- vision of teachers. The students are grouped into four houses. In school, house competitions and inter school competitions are held in sports, arts and various cultural activities. The students are taken out to Picnics and Educational Tours. The parents are informed about the programme and their consents are obtained in advance.


ARTS CHOICE:Drawing/Violin/Guitar/Keyboard for the classes III to X will be conducted on every Tuesday from 2 pm to 3 pm. Normal special tuition fees will be charged for the classes monthly as decided by the management.

ARTS FESTIVAL: Arts festival is conducted in the school, giving chance to deserving students to participate in District and State level BharatheeyaVidyanikethan Arts Festival.

KIDS FESTIVAL: A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of  virtue, and in our school we provide a platform to showcase their talents. Every child of K.G. Classes can take part in any of the arts items in Kids’ Festival. A nominal amount decided by the management should be paid by the parents of selected students for District and State level competition.




SPORTS AND GAMES:“A healthy body promotes a healthy mind” Due significance is given to sports and games. School meets are conducted in true spirits. Winners of the school meets are to participate in District, State, Regional and National level competitions according to their merit. There will be special coaching for students under the supervision of sports club from 3rd Standard onwards.

VALUE EDUCATION: To develop total personality of the child, Vidyabharathi has prescribed a national syllabi considering of five aspects ‘Panchanga – sikshan’ (Five points) education system i.e. Physical, Yoga, Music, Sanskrit, Moral and Spiritual education. We strictly follow such rules and regulations in our school. The system protects as an armour from wrong-headed elements. Our value education programme is not restricted to an allotted period/week. Every available opportunity from morning assembly to regular classes is used for developing the values.

  1. PHYSICAL: Higher degree physical exercises are being practised by our students in school ensuring physical and mental strength and discipline.

2.YOGA: is acclaimed all over the world today. The founders of VidhyaBharathi had well realized the significance of yoga and included it in Panchamughasikshana system from the very beginning.

3.MUSIC : Indian classical music, in harmony with the rhythm of the nature, is included in education for the synchronized development of mind and body of the students.

4.SANSKRIT : The spirit of ancient India lies in Sanskrit, the vedic language. It help us to know our culture and heritage at the grass – route level and makes us possessors of rich ‘Vedantic’ values.

5.MORAL AND SPIRITUAL EDUCATION : To reflect the cultural heritage of ancient Bharath upon the hearts of students and to germinate its spirit in their intellect, ethics is given due importance in education


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Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.