1) Students must be neat and tidy. Cleanliness in person and clothes is expected from every student.

2) Students are not allowed to grow their nails, hair & beard. Nails must be cut weekly and hair monthly in normal style (Different designs/fashion cutting, beard etc. not allowed)

3) Attendance for all celebrations conducted in school (even on a holiday) is compulsory for students and, when invited, parents also.

4) The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.

5) Morning Assembly is compulsory for all. All the students should reach the school before the first bell.


 6) Habitual negligence in school work, indifference towards school rules etc. will be viewed seriously.


 7) Discourtesy towards teachers or any non-teaching staff member will incur severe disciplinary action.

8) No student should leave school early without the permission of the Principal.

 9) Students of one class are not allowed to enter other class rooms without permission of the concerned teacher.

10) Every student must bring the School Diary to the class daily. It should not be used as a rough book.

11) It is the personal duty of the students to keep their class rooms absolutely clean.

 12) Students suffering from contagious or other highly infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school.

13) Prescribed fees should be paid on time. Fees once paid will not be refunded.

14) Costly and fancy ornaments/ items (including silver anklets) should not be worn or brought.

15) No re-test will be given to the students who are absent for any examination.

16) Exemption from attendance at examination and test papers is granted only by the Principal.

17) Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

18) Parents are not allowed to see the teachers when they are in class. Parents desirous of meeting the students or teachers should contact the office for necessary guidance and help. Parents can meet the teachers from 1.30pm to 3.30pm on all Tuesdays.

19) Parents are requested to see that only vegetarian food is given with the students to school.

20) Avoid plastic tiffin box and disposable water bottles. A towel must be used strictly along with the tiffin / lunch box.

21) Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, media player, memory cards, CDs, pen drives, etc. are strictly prohibited inside the school campus. If a student is found guilty in this respect he/ she will be suspended on the spot without any intimation.

22) Information must be passed to the class teacher whenever there is a change in the mobile number or address.

23) Avoid plastic containers, polythene covers to school, if it is brought, dispose it in the Dustbin provided.

24) Parents should check the school diary regularly.

25) If the student is found in any kind of malpractices like copying, replacing of the answer sheets etc. during examination, it will lead to his/her suspension.




BOYS: L.K.G. to Std. IV

  1. Shirt with blue stripes on white cloth with half sleeves and having one pocket.
  2. ‘Baniyan’ without sleeves.
  3. Navy blue shorts with side pockets.
  4. Badge on shirt pocket and belt of the school.
  5. Foot wear: Black plain shoes (without design and laces) and navy blue socks.

GIRLS L.K.G. to Std. IV

  1. Shirt with blue stripes on white cloth with pointed collar.
  2. Navy blue pinafore with badge on the left side and belt of the school.
  3. It is compulsory to wear ‘tights and petticoats’ as undergarments from

Std. I toStd. IV.

  1. Sky blue ribbon on both sides. (White ribbon on Wednesday)
  2. Hair must be plaited on both sides. (Std. I to Std. IV)

Wednesday: White and white uniform for all students

Boys: STD V – X:

  1. Shirt with blue stripes on white cloth with half sleeves and having one pocket.
  2. ‘Baniyan’ with half sleeves.
  3. Navy blue pants with side pockets.
  4. Badge on shirt pocket and belt of the school.
  5. Foot Wear: Black plain shoes (without design) with laces and navy blue socks.

Girls: Std V – X

  1. Top of the churidar in blue stripes on white cloth with ¾ sleeves (without puffs) with one slit, half collar neck.
  2. Round bottom with navy blue overcoat.
  3. Badge on the left side of the overcoat.
  4. Navy blue bottom.

5.Sky blue ribbon on both sides. Hair must be plaited on both sides (White ribbon on Wednesday)

  1. Foot wear: Black plain (without design) slip on shoes and navy blue socks.


Wednesday: White and white uniform for all students

(Navy blue overcoat for all girls)

1.Uniform materials are available in the school. Model of girl’s uniform is available at school office.

2.Students should be in proper uniform inside the school campus.

3.Tightened low waist pants for boys and slit on churidar for girls are strictly prohibited.

4.Any kind of alteration of the uniform will not be allowed.

5.Students should strictly attend the school, in the recommended uniform of that day.

6.Shoes need not be worn during the month of June and July. Full School Uniform should be worn in all other months.

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